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Rent Try or Buy

Renting your pallet inverter from Premier is an excellent option for those needing to invert loads short term or for those not wishing to tie up capital in a large purchase at the moment.Free try before you buy. Premier have machines for you to try at your own premises. We suggest you keep the machines on site for a two week period to experience the quality and benefits.


There is no obligation and it often proves useful as it allows you to operate an inverter with your own products. Alternatively it is possible for us to arrange for you to see a machine either here at our factory or working at a client's premises.


Pallet Inverter Rental terms are available on most of our range and a proportion of your payments can be offset against purchase later.

It's an ideal alternative for customers who need to trial the inverter for longer than 2 weeks. Once you decide to rent it can be on a short (minimum one month) or long term basis.

You will be responsible for transport costs and insurance. Pallet inverter rental provides a quick route to the cost savings that an inverter offers when capital expenditure is hard to obtain. Long term rates are even more competitive if you can commit to a period of 6 months or more. Lease Purchase available on any model over 2 - 5 years, financed by Premier and you retain 100% ownership at the end of the lease.

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