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Servicing and After Sales

Servicing and After Sales

Minimum Downtime With Our Nationwide Service

Our service partner, B & B Attachments*, offers total nationwide coverage ensuring that one of their technicians is always near-at-hand if you need them, meaning any down-time is kept to a minimum.


We Arrange All Your Servicing and Call Out Visits.

Just ring us on 01362 861066 and we will arrange a convenient time for an engineer to visit you.


Excellent Machine Reliability

Premier Inverters are designed with reliability as our top priority to minimise the need for emergency call outs.

Contract Servicing Available

Contract servicing is available with all machines; this can be tied into an extended warranty.


Recommended Spare Part Kits For All Model

Recommended spare part kits are offered for all models whilst most electrical/hydraulic components are available off-the-shelf.

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